Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun Weekend

At the end of a work week it’s always nice to take the edge off by fishing so it was off to Pine Lake with the Fat Cat. My buddy Allen and I were welcomed by recently stocked cookie cutters who were willing to put bends in the 4wts. This was just a precursor as he was off to fish the Missouri in Montana the next day. Indeed I was jealous… On Saturday I swung by Orvis and picked up a new stripping basket for fishing the beaches. After that I met my buddy Dave around 2PM and we were off to fish the upper Yakima between Easton and Cle Elum. The water was in great shape however we couldn’t find any players. This was more of an exploration than anything as we fished waters typically I wouldn’t fish. On Sunday my son had a football game and after his victory and well deserved gold medal it was off to the beach. We found seashells and searched for beach dwelling creatures. The metal detector went off a couple times but found nothing of value. All in all a great weekend.

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It sounds a fruitful weekend! Congratulations for the victory! : )