Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rough Fishing Week

Last Saturday I started my fishing week on the Sauk searching for the elusive wild steelhead of the PNW. This is my 3rd trip this winter with zero fish to hand. The weather was nice and the flows were perfect but the fish were unwilling to grab my articulated clump of marabou.
On Wednesday I decided to head east and fish the Yakima. The conditions were less than ideal as the river took a bump from the warmer temps and the visibility in the canyon sucked. I opted to fish different sections around Cle Elum. First I fished the Cle Elum river which was low and clear but didn’t produce. Next, I fished a few sections on the Yak above the Teanaway and witnessed lots of adult Skwalas, March Browns and BWOs. Surprisingly with that many bugs I didn’t see any risers. I ended the day with one cutthroat on a size 18 pheasant tail nymph.
Today I broke out the saltwater box and headed South to Tacoma. I slept in for the perfect window of opportunity and missed the tides. There were scattered rezzies jumping along the beach and bait fish swimming around but once again no tugs. Two other guys I spoke with were also skunked. At least the sun was out and it was beautiful day in Seattle.


SupaFly said...

I really enjoy your blog! Especially the trout photos.

Of course a lot of people have thoese on there blogs - what makes yours a lot better is that you include your son in your comments.

I suspect you're a great dad! Keep up the great job.

SupaFly said...

Good grief! My post was rife with misspellings! Sorry.


Man... you have paid your due... next time out will get a good one! take care Brother.

Westsidefly said...

Thanks guys!