Sunday, May 31, 2009

Report: Beaver Lake and Snoqualmie SF

On Friday after a long work week I received a call from my buddy Vern who had his drift boat in tow and was on his way to throw poppers for spiny creatures. I packed up my 3wt and 4wt and we were off to Beaver Lake. We found some bluegill sitting on their nests but only one was willing to leave its lazy boy to crush my popper. We caught a couple largemouth bass which were a blast on the 3wt! One that I caught had something black lodged in its throat and upon further investigation with the hemostats pulled out a big black wasp. Excellent way to end the work week followed up by a couple cold beers. On Saturday I fished the Snoqualmie South Fork. The flows were still high due to the runoff but I was able to find some pockets and seams and catch Bows, Cutties and a Brookie all on dries. As the flows decrease the fishing will only get better which means its time to dust off those 2wt’s and 3wt’s. My FiancĂ© took this picture from Pikes Place this weekend. Thought I’d share since I don’t have any fish pics. You can see Mount Rainier peaking over Quest Stadium and Safeco Field.

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