Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nuevo Mexico Christmas

I spent this Christmas down in Nuevo Mexico feasting on authentic New Mexican cuisine surrounded by the glow of luminarias. I invited my buddy Allen from Seattle who had never been to New Mexico before. We feasted on Tamale’s, Pasole, beans, tortillas and soon he felt right at home when was asked “Green or Red”? We planned a trip to my Family farm to hunt for quail. We jumped a few small coveys of Gambles quail in the day and towards the end we jumped several coveys making they’re way back from feeding in the fields. We all put a few birds in our vests which made for a good day and more memories to talk about. Two days later we made a day trip North from Albuquerque up to the San Juan river where we targeted choker trout on size 22 & 24 midges on 6x tippet. The weather was cold and the fish were fat and lazy. We caught a few but unfortunately left the cameras behind.

Your a cattle dog son not a bird dog :)

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